About Us

Our Mission:

Help our Customers to efficiently and economically solve their software development challenges by applying modern international business practices to leverage the power of offshore engineering talent.

About BridgeQuest:

BridgeQuest is a leading provider of offshore software development outsourcing solutions utilizing the expertise of Russian resources.

Our software development centre was established in 1991 and is one of the most reputable in the city of St. Petersburg, the heart of the Russian hi-tech industry.

Our success is based on:

World Class Team: 

Our software development center employs a highly talented team of computer scientists and software engineers with advanced skills and many years of industry experience. We make a point of choosing the brightest minds and the best talents in the market.

Proven Track Record:

We have a proven track record of developing and managing software and providing IT consulting. The BridgeQuest development center has more than 12 years of success in helping organizations maximize their development ROI. Our development team have performed repeat services for a significant number of clients, and has successfully worked with clients in North America, Western Europe and Nordic region.

Winning Approach:

BridgeQuest utilizes the experience of the technology team to maximize customer care and satisfaction. Our experience and knowledge is translated into project management efficiency, maximum control and skilled technology experts’ .This combination allows for significant ROI of an offshore development team.

Trusted Partner:

It is the primary goal to bring real value to each of our engagements. We believe it is critical that our team become seamlessly integrated into our clients’ software development organization. Your business objectives will become our business objectives. Your development targets become our development targets. Your success translates into our success.

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